What Our Clients Are Saying

From the initial planning and development stages of our single-specialty ASC to the final Medicare certification to the on-going assistance with compliance, benchmarking, personnel and financial issues, Broshar Consulting has been and continues to be a bulwark in our challenge to remain a respected and successful ASC.

Richard P., MD - Owner/Medical Director

Having worked with Broshar Consulting for the last 10 years has been a delight; very professional, very accurate – combined with excellent communication skills. Specifications are clear and defined….resulting in smooth implementation.

James M. - Sales Representative, capital equipment manufacturer

Our architectural firm has worked with Broshar Consulting and Debbie Kitz for 15 years. Their excellent communication skills and vast experience with medical projects has been key to shaping the financial direction and architectural quality on a variety of designs. Debbie's professional relationship with all state agencies has delivered 100% approval on our projects. She is thoroughly professional and a pleasure to have on our team!

Albert W. - Co-Founder -Architectural Firm

As a health care lawyer whose practice focuses on strategic integration transactions involving ASCs, hospitals and physicians, I have found Broshar Consulting to be a valuable, and indeed critical, resource in moving these transactions from vision to reality…and long term success. No deal is too small for them and no project too large.

Ernest T. - Senior Member, Health Care Law Firm

I have worked with Debbie Kitz and Broshar Consulting, LLC for the last 8 years. During that time I have found that she is the perfect compliment to our accounting firm. Where we provide solid accounting and tax advice, Broshar Consulting provides insight into medical practices and reimbursement issues that we do not have the depth of understanding that they do. As a result, when partnering with them on medical accounts, I feel as though all the bases are covered and we can take care of all our clients' needs and problems. I have not found other firms with their approach and understanding of the issues. It has been a pleasure to deal with Broshar Consulting, LLC.

Cheston W. - Founder, Diversified Accounting Firm

I want to thank you for all of the work that you did on behalf of the …Ambulatory Surgery Center in getting the Center and the staff prepared for the survey by the Department of Health. I also want to thank you for the support you have provided to me and the Health System in managing through a very difficult time in the Center's evolution…. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you….I could say nothing but positive about the work that you have done for us at the Center.

Mark J. - Health System Chief Operating Officer

It is very rare to find people that go out of their way and put in the extra effort to help another business in today's fast paced climate. I just wanted to personally thank you for your professionalism and careful attention to ensuring the certification of our new ASC. Your time and efforts proved educational in our new project and your qualified straight forward business etiquette was appreciated by me and my associates.

Herbert A., DPM - Owner/Medical Director

Whenever I reviewed a proposal for licensure and Medicare certification submitted by Broshar, I knew that it would be complete, accurate and of the highest quality. It was obvious that Broshar understood the regulations and was able to work with their clients to produce an effective and compliant proposal.

Carole L. - former Department of Health Surveyor

Broshar Consulting has for almost 10 years provided a broad array of financial consulting services to our surgery center. Their diligence and expertise and insights have been invaluable; I do not know how we would function without them! Broshar has been involved with the mundane – but important – functions of preparing and reviewing financial statements to crucial strategic analyses which help us chart the future of our ASC. Broshar has met with Department of Health surveyors about administrative issues and Broshar works with our in-house staff as well as with our accountants and lawyers, always keeping us on an even keel. Broshar's extensive exposure and depth of expertise about the ASC industry make them an invaluable resource to our multi-specialty center.

Steven L, MD - Physician Owner/Managing Member

We used Broshar Consulting to help put together a multi-specialty ASC several years ago. Behind Debbie Kitz's leadership and recommendations, everything became a reality with ease and on schedule. We were extremely pleased with Broshar's professionalism and attention to detail. Broshar gets my highest grade!

William I., MD - Medical Director/Owner

I couldn't imagine working with a consultant who is more thorough, dependable and knowledgeable than Debbie Kitz. She was invaluable during our start up phase and has been promptly available whenever we have had a question since then.

Frank M., MD - Board President, multi-specialty ASC