Assessing and Refining the Business of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Personalized, Data-Based, and Effective Solutions

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Manage Your Surgical Center’s Needs The Expert Way

Turn to Broshar Consulting for assessing and refining the performance of your ASC. Broshar has 20+ years of experience serving ASCs in the mid-Atlantic region.

Helping Surgical Centers Survive and Thrive

Under the leadership of Deborah S. Kitz, Ph.D, Broshar Consulting, LLC takes a hands-on approach to evaluate our clients’ operations and staffing. 

We develop customer-focused and strategic solutions using more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. 


Comprehensive Consulting Solutions To Survive and Thrive

With our extensive expertise, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities each type of facility presents. Whether you're a single-specialty center looking to expand your services or a multi-specialty facility seeking to optimize operations, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you. We also recognize the specific dynamics involved in physician-owned centers, joint ventures, and hospital/health system owned ASCs. 

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Steer through your surgical center’s operational, financial, and developmental needs with Broshar Consulting, LLC. Talk about your organizational challenges with us to get started.